Creating pages

Editing an existing page can be done through the client's page management. Click "Customize pages" below the client in your client overview to be redirected there.

In this summary you can edit a page by clicking the page you'd like to edit. Click "Edit buttons" in the window that appeared to be redirected to a form where you can edit the page.

In this form you can provide every button with an image and function. You can select the button to edit by clicking it in the grid. The selected button is indicated by a blue border.

You can also make buttons switch places by clicking and holding the mouse above the button you want to move. Next, drag the button to the desired location and let go of the mouse button.

First, you can select an image that will be used for the selected button. You can upload an image from your computer or you can choose pictograms from the beta and sclera databases.

To use a pictogram from the database select 'Beta' or 'Sclera'. Next, you can supply a search phrase and click "Translate". Using words such as 'can' in a sentence helps to distinguish their meaning. Example: I can sing very well. I would like a can of soda. After the translation is completed, you can select a pictogram from the result.

Next you can select which action must be taken when the client taps the button on the smartphone. Selecting "Text" will cause text to be added to the client's message. "Navigate" will cause the screen to navigate to a different page. "Navigate and text" is a combination of the two previous functions. Text is added, followed by navigating to a different page.

As a finishing touch you can the background colour of the button. You can provide the colour code in the input field or you can use the colour selector by clicking the coloured square.
We advise you to give similar buttons the same colour. e.g. a specific colour for navigation buttons and emergency messages.

Don't forgot to save your changes by clicking "Save". Attention: Changes are saved for each individual button. When you select a different button without saving your changes, these changes are lost.

You can erase a button completely by clicking "Delete".