Creating pages

Before your client can start chatting you, as coach, have to provide the necessary content. AbleChat uses a concept of pages with buttons. The client will see these pages on his smartphone app. Every button is supplied with an image and corresponding text so the client can compose and send messages. You can also add buttons with which the client can navigate to other pages.
We advise to practice constructing these pages by yourself before adding real content together with the client.

You can customise these pages by going to your client overview by clicking "Home" and then clicking "Customize pages" underneath the client's picture.

You can view and manage pages by clicking one in the client's pages overview. This will show a preview of the page with a list of actions. Here, you can change the layout of the page, change the buttons and delete pages.

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You can add new pages by clicking "Add new page" on the left side of the clients page overview. You will then be redirected to a form where you can supply the information to create a new page.

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