Admin a clients coaches

You can manage a client's different coaches by clicking "Admin coaches" below the client's photo in the client overview. You will then be forwarded to the management page for coaches.

The management page for coaches consists of two sections. A summary of the current coaches and a summary of coaches who were invited, but who have not confirmed yet. Both summaries contain the following columns:

  • Active: Indicates whether the coach can chat with the client. This value also determines whether the coach will receive messages from this client.
    You can uncheck this box when a coach temporarily wants to be unavailable (e.g. vacation, illness, ...).
  • Blocked: Indicates whether the coach is blocked. A blocked coach cant chat with and will not receive message from this client.
    This value can only be changed by the administrators of this client.
  • Admin: Indicates whether this coach is an administrator of this client.
    This value can only be changed by the administrator of this client.
  • Remove: Indicaties whether this coach will be removed from this client's coaches when the changes are saved.

The management page for coaches also allows new coaches to be invited and assigned to the current client. You can invite coaches by clicking "Invite members" on the left hand side of the screen.

You can provide the email address of the coach you'd like to invite in this form. You can invite multiple coaches at once by clicking "Add email". This will add an extra field to provide an email address.
Attention: The invitation will not be sent until you have clicked "Invite".