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In short;
AbleChat is a smartphone app designed for people who have difficulties with reading or writing. The app supports these people in communicating with their friends, relatives and other members of their social network by giving them an extensible library of pictographs. Users can send messages composed of pictographs to their friends, who will then receive them as written text. They can reply using writting text, which will then be translated into pictographs and sent to the user.

The website serves two purposes.
First, it allows any caretaker, parent or guardian to create and manage the contacts of the person who will be using the app to send pictographs.
Second, it allows for an extensible library that can be customised to suit the users personal needs.

To ensure AbleChat operates smoothly, some preparations are in order:

  • The coach creates an account on the website
  • The coach creates a profile for the client
  • The coach chooses pictos together with the client
  • The coach determines the categories that will be shown on the client's smartphone and sets up navigation between these categories.
  • The coach installs the app on both smartphones

Once you have completed these preparations, you can start sending and receiving messages. New pictos can still be added at a later time and existing ones can still be change when necessary.