Client manual

The app can be opened by tapping the icon. The amount of unread messages will be displayed on top op the icon.
The user will keep receiving messages even after the app has been closed. If the AbleChat icon is no longer visible at the top of the screen you will have to restart the app to receive messages again.

After starting the app the client will see a list of his contacts. The contact overview is the central point of the app. This overview shows the group of coaches, followed by individual coaches in alphabetical order and finally friends and contacts. The client can chat with his friends and coaches by tapping on their name in the overview. The purple envelope indicates which conversations have unread messages.
The first item in the overview opens a chatroom with all coaches. This is useful when the client has an emergency, since the coaches can also see each others' messages in this conversation.

When the client opens the conversation of a specific contact or group, sent and received messages will be loaded and displayed. Received messages are shown with a yellow background. Sent messages are shown with a blue background. Unread messages are shown with a green background.
The client can send a new message by tapping the purple bar on the bottom of the screen. A new window with buttons will then become visible.

The buttons in this window allow the clients to compose and send messages. Some buttons add words to the composed message, while other buttons navigate to different pages with buttons.
The following pictures show how the client first navigates to the page 'Travel' and then adds the word 'bus stop'. Next he navigates to the page with emotions and selects 'sad' to be added to the message. Pictos can be removed by tapping the icons in the composed message. 'Sad' was not the word the client intended to use. One tap will make a cross appear over the icon. When the client taps again, this picto will be removed. Instead of 'sad' he now adds 'scared' to the message. The message can now be sent by tapping the envelope.

When the user has finished sending messages, he can tap the purple bar again which will then slide back into its previous position.
Attention: When the client wants to return to his contact overview, he has to use the physical back-key on the device. Using this key in the overview will result in the app being close. The device will still receive messages in this state. We advise to create a shortcut to the app on the main screen of the device and to teach clients how to open to app.